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Tennis betting online at Sportingbet takes you directly into the action and glamour of the four Grand Slam tournaments, as well as professional tennis events across the world. This means you follow the season from January with the Australian Open, spring in Roland Garros, summer at Wimbledon and the US Open at Flushing Meadows in September. The tennis betting continues all year though with the ATP World Tour continuing until November with the ATP finals. Who can also forget that if you would rather support your country's team, Sportingbet covers both the Davis Cup and Federations Cup too! The calendar of tennis presents events almost every day and Sportingbet allows you to follow all of it and bet in play with the best tennis betting odds.


As you may know, tennis is played on different surfaces and the Grand Slam tournaments are considered the top of the sport, where a player can dominate on each of the types of courts. Here’s a brief explainer for you: Wimbledon is probably the most important event in world tennis and occurs on a grass court as the natural grass allows a fast-paced technical style of play. The French Open, or Roland Garros, is hosted in Paris on a clay court; this slows down the ball and favours baseline players with high stamina and constant focus. The Australian and US Opens are played on hardcourts and although the material is slightly different, the effect on the game is similar, faster than clay, but not as fast as grass. You can always bet on Sportingbet to have the top tennis betting odds.


Tennis is tailor-made for betting live and in-play! Besides betting on the winner of a match and the outright winner of a professional or open tournament, Sportingbet allows you to place a wager on events within the match such as how many games will be played in total, who will win the first set, what will the final set-score be, who will win the most games or will there be a tie-break? Our tennis odds are also constantly being updated, so there is no doubt that you will get the feeling that tennis betting rules!


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