Formula 1 Betting

Formula One is one of the most popular sports properties in the world and at Sportingbet we offer the best Formula 1 odds to allow you to live life in the fast lane! Follow the season calendar and bet on all the fast-paced action during every race week. Some of our Formula 1 highlights including betting on who will win the Driver’s Championship, the Constructor’s Championship, who will be victorious in each individual races and more. Formula One has never been as exciting as it is right now, so get the Formula 1 betting odds you deserve on Sportingbet.


The average Formula One Grand Prix consists of numerous events on which to bet on. At Sportingbet, you can place a wager on head-to-head (H2H): this means you can pick which team out of two will do better in a single grand-prix, if neither team finishes the race, the winner will be the one whose car has completed the most laps. Along these events, you will be able to pick which driver will retire first, whether a driver or a team will record points in the race; which team or drivers will make up the most places in the first lap.


Our wide array of Formula 1 odds has everything for the motor-head in you, so get yourself strapped in, get your helmet on and enjoy F1 betting at Sportingbet. Will you make the betting podium?


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